The easiest way to sell second hand products

Send us second hand products you no longer use and we take care of the rest: we take professional photos, auction them on Tradera and share the profits with you. Get started today by ordering your free bag.

How it works

Resellify sells your second hand products such as clothes, shoes, accessories and electronics on Tradera and shares the profits with you. Consult our FAQ to find out which items are eligible.

You order a free bag

We will send you a free bag alongside with instructions and a return label to send in your products.

... and send us products.

Send us your no longer used second hand products. Follow the easy return instructions provided in the bag.

We sell your products

We take care of product descriptions and pictures to sell your products on Tradera for the best price.

... and pay out your share.

We generate a total balance of all auctions attributed to you and transfer 40% of the revenues to your bank account.

What you earn

free processing*

0 kr

Mailing of Bag

Your Share


40% goes to you
40% goes to us
20% goes to Tradera and VAT

* An additional fee of 10 kr applies for each unsellable item.
Please consult our FAQs to find out which items are eligible for our service.

Order your free bag

Order your free bag to send us your second hand products. Make sure to also consult our guidelines on product mailings attached to your bag.

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